Callie Gullickson, a Peloton instructor, Shares Her Ultimate Travel Tip

One thing is certain: Nothing can disrupt an exercise regimen and your motivation levels like travel. This is true even if you’ve recently created the ideal weekly fitness routine that works for you. Callie Gullickson, an instructor with Peloton Strength and Bike Bootcamp, adheres to one key principle for staying active when she’s on vacation in Italy or traveling back to Florida to visit family.

We take the job seriously, but not ourselves, is the one rule she lives by in her classes and in her exercises. “I adore having fun while working out. I stay motivated while traveling by keeping things lighthearted; you don’t have to put forth your hardest effort.”

Instead, the Trader Joe’s lover and former dancer picks her workouts based on one straightforward criteria: what sounds like the most enjoyable way to move? “I think that’s always exciting,” she says, “whether it’s more of a music-genre class or you’re trying a new workout.” “If you’re thinking, “I just need to move,” I can help. These are the lessons you enroll in if you say, “I don’t care how I look right now; I just need to humble myself a little bit.” It doesn’t feel at all like a workout.” (Interested in giving dance cardio a try? See which online dance lessons Shape recommends.)

Exercise While Traveling: Advice from CALLIE GULLICKSON, Peleton Strength and Bike Instructor I just need something to get my day off to a good start since I know how great I feel after exercising.

Exercise while Traveling: Callie Gullickson, Peloton Strength and Bike Instructor Gullickson has mastered the exquisite art of balancing exercise with relaxation when traveling for leisure or during the holidays. She explains that the secret is to keep in mind the rush she gets after working out. I don’t need to exercise while I’m on vacation, she insists. But I already know how great I feel after exercising, so I just need something to get my day going well.

Gullickson advises looking at your workout as a chance to boost your energy and mood before a possibly long, chaotic day for individuals who are returning to regular work travel after taking time off during the pandemic.

“I view workouts as less of a workout and more of an energy-shifter if you’re traveling for work,” she says. “If you have positive energy, anything that wants to come your way will. Working out before a crucial meeting can give you the ideal frame of mind and level of energy, ensuring that no matter what transpires, you will feel confident and as though you gave it your all.”

Another trick that Gullickson uses to get moving while traveling? Exercise snacks, but not the kind from Trader Joe’s. When I travel, my main justification is that I’ll be so busy that I won’t have time to exercise, but in reality, I do, she says. “I therefore begin with a brief workout. There are so many 10-minute “workouts” available on the Peloton app or Bike. I usually think, “I can do a little bit more,” after that. I’ll remain for one more 10-minute exercise session.”

There is also good news for people who are preparing for a hectic travel season and are unsure of the most effective way to get in exercise. Peloton and Hilton has revealed a groundbreaking alliance. Nearly all 5,400 Hilton-branded hotels in the U.S. by the end of the year will have at least one Peloton Bike in each fitness facility, including Hampton by Hilton, Double Tree, and Waldorf Astoria. The Peloton App will also be available to Hilton Honors members for free beginning today and lasting until January 1, 2023. With the help of this alliance, Peloton will be able to connect with both potential and current users wherever they are—whether that be at home, at work, or in the gym.

Some people may find that taking advantage of this benefit while visiting a new location will be just what their boring workout schedule needs. Gullickson observes that “at home, it’s easy to get locked in a habit.” When you’re on the road, it’s good to sample all the many classes that “Peloton” has to offer on the app and the bike.

Gullickson relies on getting adequate sleep, journaling, and being hydrated in addition to movement to feel her best away from home. Gullickson gives Peloton’s in-app sleep meditations in particular high praise. She says, “I adore a five-minute morning meditation, or I fall asleep so effortlessly to the sleep meditations they’re so amazing. “In the middle of the night, you suddenly awaken and wonder, “Wait, what just happened? Do I still have my phone on?”

While Gullickson has discovered a strategy for juggling activity and rest that works for her, it’s crucial to pay attention to your body’s demands while traveling. And if it means unintentionally falling asleep for 10 hours straight in a comfortable, peaceful hotel room, then you do you.

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