You’ll feel prepared to face the day after doing this morning meditation.

Taking a minute to yourself as soon as you get up might be beneficial since how you spend your morning can have a big impact on how you behave the rest of the day. The morning meditation by yoga instructor and energy healer Janine Martins below is under five minutes long and is all about rising with the sun to naturally energise and focus your mind and body before beginning the day. “It’s healthy to have a little bit of energy early in the day because it translates throughout the rest of the day, giving us motivation,” says Martins.

Martins leads you through a visualization exercise in her morning meditation that is intended to help you establish a connection with solar energy. What exactly is that? According to Martins, “Your body is built to move with the rhythm of the sun,” so you rise in the morning, reach your peak about noon, and then gradually begin to lower yourself. She explains that her five-minute morning meditation was designed with this goal in mind: “When you can mimic the natural rhythm of the world around you and the organic energy that is being fed to you, you move with more efficiency, more grace, and you’re not resisting what is true and what is real.”

HOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF A MORNING MEDITATION When meditating in general, it’s ideal to choose a comfortable posture. This could be lying down if a seated position doesn’t sound attractive, or it could be sitting on a cushion or chair. Depending on what feels right to you, you can meditate in silence, with some morning meditation music, or with a guided meditation like the one Martins described above. (

A strong breath practice calms and stills the mind, making it much easier to find meditation, advises Martins. “Breathwork before meditation is basically like the warm-up exercises you do before you go on a run. It’s preparation so that you are already in a very calm and stable place and you’re not fighting with the mind, which I find is very difficult to do.”

Practice alternate nostril breathing, also known as Nadi Shodhana, before beginning this morning’s meditation, suggests Martins. This breathing technique is meant to balance the divine feminine and masculine energies as well as the left and right sides of the body.

The benefits of morning meditations include helping your mind and body get ready for the day. “If the mind is stable and focused, anything that you do for the rest of the day is already primed to come from a place of ability and focus, and that is ultimately part of the goal of the practice so that you can transcend your mind so that you are not being pushed around by the thought,” says Martins.

Two of the main factors that affect digestion are worry and stress, therefore starting your day from a place of reduced anxiety and reduced stress has a strong impact on your digestion, according to Martins.

The mindfulness of your day, especially in dealing with others, is improved by meditation since you are not racing through your thoughts, says Martins.

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