There is a popular TikTok hack for frozen cucumber skin.

Your burning inquiries regarding the fitness, beauty, and health fads spreading over your social feeds can be answered by playing TikTok True or False. With the aid of professionals and academic research, each story dissects a popular wellness fad to reveal the validity and safety of the online “advice” that has gone viral. You won’t again have to question what is legitimate or what to avoid again. You can rely on TikTok to provide you with a ton of ideas if you’re constantly looking for quick, simple methods to reproduce a spa-like experience at home (without a hefty, spa-like price tag). For instance, chances are good that you’ve recently been scrolling through the app and seen videos of individuals rubbing their faces with cold cucumbers. TikTokers from all over the world claim that freezing the crunchy salad staple does wonders for complexion, including lowering puffiness and dark circles, assisting with acne, and minimizing symptoms of aging. This is a modern take on the traditional cucumber over-the-eyes spa treatment.

As seen by the 37.5 million views that videos with the hashtag #frozencucumber now have on TikTok, it appears that many people are enjoying this hack. The cucumber, which is water-rich and can be peeled, unpeeled, or diced, is frozen and then massaged onto the skin.

Beauty enthusiast Mireya Rios tried the hack, and her first video on the topic has received over nine million views. According to further recordings she has posted, she has subsequently included the practice into her daily skin-care routine. In these, she describes how the cucumber hydrates her skin while also minimizing puffiness and the visibility of blemishes. User @lisa.beautify also shared a video advises followers to apply a frozen cucumber to their skin every day for a healthy shine. Three million people have watched it.

Is the frozen cucumber trick secure even though it could sound like a self-care fantasy? And if so, does it even work? Below, a skin-care expert clarifies whether or not fruit can be used to achieve healthier-looking skin.

WHAT IS THE SKIN-CARE HACK FOR FROZEN CUCUMBER? There isn’t a single approach or set of rules for using this TikTok beauty hack. A cucumber with at least one side cut open is frequently placed in the freezer. When it’s sufficiently cooled, they use the open end to rub ice directly onto clean, dry skin. According to numerous videos on the app, some people rub it in circles for 10 to 15 minutes while others use broad upward strokes.

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