Six Frequently Occurring Conflicts and How to Prevent Them

Although conflict cannot be prevented, you can nevertheless take precautions. If you are aware of some of the most typical sources of stress and how to deal with them, you may be able to avoid a fight.

Nevertheless, not all conflicts have clear-cut causes. For instance, a couple may fight over a rescheduled date, but the tension may actually be caused by a worry about losing interest.

Fortunately, you can figure out the underlying causes of someone’s anger or even open animosity. It is simpler to de-escalate the situation and restore harmony after the problem has been identified.

In light of this, let’s examine a few pain spots and discover how to resolve them.

1. BREACH OF COMMUNICATION Conflict can develop fast when communication is poor or nonexistent. Even among those who are normally laid back, the wrong words said at the wrong time can cause an cause anger .

For instance, if you ask a staff member to redo work as a result of unclear instructions, they can become irate. If you don’t text your spouse to let them know you stopped for happy hour with coworkers, they can feel uncomfortable.

ask yourself why you reach out to another to enhance your communication abilities. For instance, go over the instructions with the entire team before beginning a difficult assignment that has specific instructions. Inform your spouse if you will be arriving home later than expected.

2. DIFFICULT EXPECTATIONS When your expectations are vague or inconsistent, conflict may arise. Rent collection may be difficult for a property management who routinely permits their tenants to pay late but takes a tough position during a recession.

Many states permit ten days from the notice date to settle past due balances and reinstate accounts. The resentment your tenant experiences, though, can cause them to take less care of your property.

Communicate your expectations to avoid disputes. Do the same thing at home. If you have never asked your partner respectfully to pick up their portion of the tasks, it would be unjust to complain at them about how much second-shift work you do.

3. GRIEF AND SECURITY Jealousy or insecurity might also result in conflict. If a coworker had been employed by the same company for many years, they might dislike a recent employee with a lot of promise. Your girlfriend can get wary if you start spending your weekends hanging out with a neighbor you hardly know.

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