Paulina Porizkova Talks About Growing Older, Instagram, and Cosmetic Surgery


Paulina Porizkova, a former supermodel, is pretty candid on Instagram, as anyone who follows her on the platform can attest. She has been using social media since 2020 to post pictures of herself (often defying stereotypes about women above the age of 50 by doing something as simple as wearing a bikini ). Her pictures sometimes come with lengthy comments that discuss issues like aging, sorrow, mental health, and self-image. She just converted her musings into an collection of essays called No Filter and is now speaking candidly with Women’s Wear Daily in an a new interview before the release of her book on November 15.

According to Porizkova, who was then divorced, she started posting on Instagram in 2020 after the death of her husband and the COVID-19 epidemic made her feel even more alone and grieving.

I was suddenly a divorced lady with no job, no ability to make money, and full oblivion from society, and I thought that’s not cool because I’m actually a lot cooler now than I was 20 years ago,’ said the 57-year-old. I know a lot more. I am more tolerant. I have greater academic curiosity. I’m more giving. Everything is better with me. But even though I have wrinkles, I am not ugly. Just struck me as unjust.

In order to avoid feeling invisible, Porizkova shared intimate photos and insightful notes with her newfound followers. Porizkova, who has more than 830 million Instagram followers as of right now, stated, “I didn’t know if I was going to reach one person or three and what happened was entirely beyond my wildest imagination truly.

Porizkova has some detractors thanks to Instagram, despite the fact that she is obviously connecting with millions of users there. She told WWD that she doesn’t let that get her down though.

The majority of public figures I know simply ignore “bad comments,” claimed Porizkova. She went on to remark, “It actually stimulates my brain,” adding that she tries to fathom what might lead someone to say or believe it’s acceptable to say such types of statements. That encourages me to make posts about other topics afterwards.

Porizkova has been outspoken about her opinions on some cosmetic treatments in an effort to influence the debate around aging and women’s beauty standards. According to WWD, she is not personally interested in injectables but enjoys trying trendy procedures like oxygen facials and face yoga. I just need a little quiet assistance,” she said. I don’t want anything extreme. I’m not looking to get rid of my age. Given the restrictions, all I want is to appear as attractive as possible.

Porizkova’s simple acceptance of who she is has undoubtedly touched millions of people. You may read more of her unfiltered ideas and peruse her motivational photographs on her Instagram profile while you wait for the publication of her new book. Courteney Cox Got Real About Going Through Menopause will be discussed next.

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