Lizzo Said in a New Instagram Post That She’s “Embracing My Back Rolls”

Lizzo appears to be feeling “Good as Hell” once more, and her enthusiasm is delightfully contagious. This week, posted a video to Instagram the singer performed a few twirls while wearing her hair pulled back into a ponytail to show off her slinky, backless pink dress. She captions the post with a message of self-love as she ends the video with a bold smile. She commented, “Embracing my back rolls and showing them love.”

The performer’s followers were eager to offer their support in the post’s comments section. Some comments were basic compliments, such as “You are very gorgeous,” from one commenter. Others made more profound expressions of gratitude. “I simply wanted to express my gratitude for you. You are so motivating. Thank you for being who you are and for encouraging me to do the same “a different Instagram user stated.

It’s not the first time Lizzo has promoted body confidence messages on social media, encouraging followers to embrace themselves just the way they are, and it probably won’t be the last either. The Detroit-born musician has been vocal about self-love and acceptance since making her professional debut with her first big hit, “Truth Hurts,” in 2019. She is the perfect example of what it means to embrace the flesh you’re in.

Lizzo has frequently used her platform to share additional potent messages about body positivity, notably on Instagram. In addition to singing lyrics like “‘Cause I’m my own soulmate / I know how to love me,” Lizzo has used her platform to promote other potent messages about self-love. For instance, in a 2020 post, the singer strikes a variety of poses appeared in just a bra and underwear to the catchphrase “Bodies that look like this, also look like this,” which prompted influencers and famous people to share their real photos without any posing, editing, or retouching. “It’s amazing how far the body positive movement has progressed. proud of the powerful women that gave it flight. My body is changing, but I’m going to continue to appreciate it from all sides, “Lizzo remarked in the video’s caption.

Lizzo released how she starts her morning in 2021 while walking fans through her daily routine while wearing a sports bra and lacy leggings. “This year, I began communicating with my stomach. smothering her with kisses and compliments. I used to detest my stomach so badly that I wanted to chop it out. However, it’s actually ME, “Lizzo said in the Instagram post’s caption. “I’m learning to deeply adore every aspect of who I am. even if it means having morning conversations with myself. This is a signal for you to pamper yourself today.”

Prior to this week’s announcement that her song “About Damn Time” had peaked at number one on the Billboard Charts Hot 100 , she made her most recent post. Lizzo’s lyrics, which are a song about getting over adversity, appreciating personal progress, and appreciating life as it is and as you are, are resonant, as are her social media posts about appreciating every aspect of who she is.

Cheers to Lizzo for inspiring her fans to regularly show themselves and their bodies some love in addition to her artistic accomplishment.

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