Because it’s on sale, this fuss-free Lululemon bra actually motivates me to exercise.

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My workouts used to make me anxious, but not because of the exercise itself. No, getting dressed for my workout was the part I detested the most because it required all of my energy to put on my sports bra. You must have gone through this. the struggle to pull a little, elastic garment past your shoulders, over your arms, and over your head? It calls for nothing less than acrobatic maneuvers, and once on, the de-twisting and reconfiguring of double-jointed limbs. The procedure is a workout in and of itself, and I have never registered for one on MindBody.

Before every workout, I wrestled with my sports bra for years. Then, when it came time to take it off afterward, I faced the sticky obstacle. Naturally, every time I did this, I questioned the necessity of sports bras being constructed in this manner. Of course not. I first encountered Lululemon’s In Alignment Straight-Strap Bra , which has a hook-and-eye in the back, a few years ago. Yes, exactly like a regular bra—no gymnastic movements or wasted energy are required to put it on. It’s absolutely hassle-free, which encourages me to put on my exercise clothes and start the (real) exercising.

Purchase: Lululemon In Alignment Straight-Strap Bra ($49), ($68),
Purchase: Lululemon In Alignment Straight-Strap Bra ($49), ($68),

Contrary to other sports bras, the In Alignment bra only has two adjustable straps and small cups that stay in place. It also doesn’t have any uneven padding to smooth out (but can be removed, if you prefer). It’s made of Lulu’s renowned buttery-smooth fabric, comes in sizes 2 to 14, and is intended for low-impact exercises. Lululemon states that if you’re a C or D cup, it offers light support. It has been my go-to bra for every workout because it is so cozy and simple to put on. (How to pick the ideal sports bra is provided here.)

Naturally, I’ve bragged about my idea in my group chats, but a few of my buddies have already let the cat out of the bag. Although they concur that clip-back bras are the easiest to use, they assert that pullover bras often provide more support, which neither my A-cups nor I am particularly familiar with. But if you’re ready to forgo some support in exchange for the ease of a clip-closure, I suggest adding Lululemon’s In Alignment Straight-Strap Bra as soon as possible while it’s $49.

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