$14 worth of Tinted Moisturizer Plumps and


I’VE BEEN USING THIS $14 TINTED MOISTURIZER FOR THREE YEARS AND IT NEVER CAUSES ME TO BREAK OUT. IT PUMPS AND SMOOTHS MY DRY, TEXTURED SKIN. By Pin We independently find, evaluate, test, and suggest the top products. discover more about our procedure. We might receive a commission if you make a purchase after clicking one of our links.

Shape Certified: ColourPop Pretty Fresh Tinted Moisturizer

My skin has some texture because of a ten-year fight with acne (think: craters, discoloration, enlarged pores along my cheeks and chin). Most of the time, it doesn’t bother me, and because to my work as a beauty blogger, I’ve even discovered some incredible products that have improved the appearance of my skin. But when it comes to cosmetics, most foundations seem to accentuate those lumps and bumps, especially because they make my sensitive, mixed skin drier and more irritated. Additionally, the additional glowiness from popular primers, concealers, and skin tints simply highlights texture.

Of course, like everyone else on TikTok, I want to have the flawless, “clean girl” appearance. I always go back to the same thin, blurring product I’ve swear by for years, the Colourpop Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Acid Tinted Moisturizer , to achieve that even, dewy complexion.

Shape Certified: ColourPop Pretty Fresh Tinted Moisturizer

Purchase It: Colourpop Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Acid Tinted Moisturizer , $14, Ulta.com .

Key features of the COLOURPOP PRETTY FRESH HYALURONIC ACID TINTED MOISTURIZER What I examined: For the past three years, I’ve utilized it two to three times per week. Perfect for: Sensitive, textured, and dry skin. You’ll appreciate how it moisturizes and plumps your skin while minimizing flaws. Remember: This is not a full-coverage foundation. I find that a little concealer applied on top completely hides larger blemishes and dark spots. Key Component: Acid hyaluronic Here’s a little 101 on the wonder that is hyaluronic acid if you’re not already familiar with it: This star ingredient in skin care, which is a sugar that can hold 1,000 times its weight in water, replenishes moisture to the skin and gives it a plumped-up firmness and healthy glow. In contrast to other skin tints that drain the life out of my complexion and leave it dry, this formula’s key component calms and hydrates away dullness from my face. Additionally, this moisturizer includes fruit extract rich in vitamin C, which evens out my complexion, brightens it, and reverses sun damage.

This is a product that, three years after my initial purchase, you can always find in my bag, especially in the summer when a boost of hydration is required. In addition to never causing skin irritation or breakouts, this sheer tint glides on so easily that it appears to be a flawless replica of my skin and looks just as nice after one hour of usage as it does after four.

I promise that using this tinted moisturizer the next time you’re getting ready will save you a ton of time and frustration if you have sensitive, combination, or textured skin. Shop it on Ulta for just $14 .

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