Understanding Eczema, Its Causes and Treatments

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Eczema is one of the terrible skin conditions. People caught in eczema have to take care of every single move that they make. This is because of the little thing which causes eczema. During eczema, one lives in such an uncomfortable condition with the nonstop itching and distressing suffering. Eczema is the most widespread among infants or children, but even the adults are affected with it from all parts of the world. It usually takes place on the neck, hands, face, legs and often in the inner elbow. However, it’s not contagious, and isn’t caused by bacterial or viral infection. Even though, health care experts aren’t so much sure about what the exact cause of it. Eczema treatment, however, is still possible to alleviating the symptoms by augmenting the immune system, even though the main cause is unknown.

Though there still exists traditional methods of treating eczema but it doesn’t work best. They can actually treat the symptoms but that’s altogether a temporary solution. But people want it to get cured completely or else at least something prevent the return of the eczema. So let’s check out the causes and treatments of eczema.

The Causes:

Recently scientists have found out the gene which is liable to cause people to be prone to having eczema. However, carrying the gene doesn’t mean that anyone will experience an eruption. There are of course, environmental factors usually throw in to irritation, and then any immune system deficiency creates the condition to becoming rather difficult and therefore it needs an eczema treatment.

Generally, eczema is mostly linked to allergies such as dust mites, food allergens, nickel-plating, wool, and cosmetics. Along with this, sudden change in temperature, drying or sweating skin is also responsible to adding up outbreak. However, the fundamental cause in many cases is the suppressed immune system, usually caused by stress. It’s because of stress that affects the immune system, and consequently creates many biological problems.

Medical Treatment

The most common treatment prescribed by the doctors is topical cortisone steroids. These drugs have better track records to holding back such inflammatory skin diseases. Further steroids suppress the immune system, and although they’re effective in healing an inflammation area, they do get in the way with the body’s natural healing efficiency. That’s why it its overused, it can be harmful. In some cases, some people may have bad reactions of cortisone creams, and can certainly create worse conditions.
There are another coal-tar based creams that are also prescribed to reduce the symptoms. These are so far more effective than glucocorticosteroids, and have been implemented effectively for many years. Then, ultraviolet light radiation is also used to alleviate the inflammation; however this is rather advanced type of eczema treatment which is mostly reserved for extreme cases.

Natural Treatment:
Eczema treatment can also be done with the help of natural remedies. There is tow ways in dealing with the conditions; first is to directly do with inflammation and the other is by boosting up immune system to cure the disease. In the case of outbreak, it should be treated carefully with hydrating creams which are free from any irritants. Moreover Aloe Vera and coconut oil have also been proved quite effective to fighting eczema. Some Tea oil mixed with Vitamin E can also turn out to be an effective remedy. Flaxseed and Evening Primrose oil are also proved to give good results. Alongside this, sunbath can also be very much effective to reduce eczema. Further a cup of oatmeal would also do it best to combat this disease. In contrary to all these, one can even go for meditation or Yoga as quite a number of cases of eczema have been treated by them.

So anyone suffering from eczema shouldn’t take it lightly, and necessary remedies should be taken to get rid of this disease.

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